2004_2There is an early morning cloud cover as we prepare to harvest the de Lancellotti Vineyard. The picking bins are in place as the long steady line of headlights pour into the winery driveway. The picking crew is ready, although weary after 4 long days of harvesting our estate vineyards.

We have enjoyed a week of beautiful sunny skies with average temperatures in the mid 70’s to low 80’s. Nighttime temperatures are in the upper 40’s to low 50’s, the perfect cool climate for extended pinot noir hang time.

Who would have thought 7 days ago when—it looked like the worst was at hand—that we would be enjoying such ideal weather now? It feels like one of those Oregon Indian summers we all know and love. And the 10-day forecast is filled with sunshine.

We have finished the early fermentations which were picked before the rains almost 3 weeks ago, and they are surprisingly full of potential: dark colors, large mouthfeels of big sweet pinot noir fruit and lovely acidity (the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1999.) 20 barrels of Shea Block 5, Ayoub and Bergström Vineyard now sit quietly behind tanks filled with cold fresh fruit.

The last few days at the winery have been busy. We have 47 tons picked now with 80 more to go. We have picked the rest of the Shea Vineyard as well as the Bergström Vineyard and Palmer Creek. The fruit is well-balanced, having recovered very nicely from the rains. Acids are high and sugars are balanced. Pardon the expression, but it seems like a Burgindian vintage so far…

9/29/2004 – Fair
Temperature: 74°/48°
Humidity: 57%
Pressure: 29.92
Wind: N at 6mph