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Our Family

Bergström Wines is more than a winery; it is a testament to the enduring dreams and hard work of the Bergström family. At the helm of this legacy are Josh and Caroline Bergström, the driving force behind our business.

Our family business finds its roots in the remarkable journey of Josh’s father, John Bergström, who left his Swedish homeland as a young teenager to pursue the American dream.

John & Karen Bergström

John: From a Tiny Logging Village to the American Dream

John, born in a remote Swedish logging village, yearned for education beyond his corner of Sweden. His quest for knowledge led him to Portland, Oregon where he applied himself with boundless determination. He became a renowned surgeon in Obstetrics and Gynocology, where he made pioneering contributions across the spectrum of reproductive medicine.

Karen: California Roots and a Heart of Care

Karen, a California native, was raised in a vibrant Irish-American family that valued community and togetherness. Karen found inspiration in the bustling family kitchen, where she witnessed the power of food and drink to create moments of shared joy and foster a sense of belonging. Guided by compassion, Karen became a registered nurse, where her unwavering dedication brought comfort to countless patients and families.

John and Karen Bergstrom

Josh Bergström
Owner, CEO, & Director of Winemaking

A Portlanders Journey to Winemaking

Josh Bergström, a Portland native, embodies the spirit of an Oregonian winemaker who has left an indelible mark on the state’s wine industry. His journey has been defined by a passion for winemaking, deep involvement in the community, and a commitment to producing world-renowned wines.

A Visionary Winemaker

Throughout his illustrious career, Josh has built the renowned Bergström family wine brand from the ground up. His wealth of experience has seen him craft wines from over 125 different vineyards within the region, showcasing his versatility as a winemaker.

A Diverse Academic Journey

Josh’s educational background is as diverse as his winemaking skills. His university studies encompassed French, business, business law, and the humanities, setting the stage for a multifaceted approach to winemaking. His quest for wine knowledge led him to the famed CFPPA in Beaune, France, where he received a postgraduate degree in Viticulture and Enology. There, he met his Burgundy-native wife, Caroline, and a love story was ignited amidst the picturesque Burgundian hillside villages.

Crafting America’s Finest Wines

From the inception of Bergström Wines, Josh’s vision has been clear: to craft America’s finest Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, and Syrahs while progressively moving toward a 100% estate-farmed approach. Josh and his dedicated farming team are the caretakers of 70 acres of biodynamic, estate monopole Pinot Noir and Chardonnay spread across five different vineyards in the Dundee Hills, Ribbon Ridge, and Chehalem Mountains AVAs of the Northern Willamette Valley.

Championing Regenerative Practices

Josh champions biodynamic and regenerative agricultural practices, viewing them as instrumental in preserving the unique regional character of his terroirs and wines.

Contributions to the Field

His dedication extends beyond the winery as he actively participates in the viticultural and winemaking communities of the Willamette Valley. He has served as a key board member of the Willamette Valley Wineries Association and spearheaded the creation of Willamette: The Pinot Noir Auction. In 2023, he achieved a remarkable distinction as he was handpicked to join the esteemed ranks of the Académie Internationale du Vin.

Josh Bergstrom rinsing crabs.

Caroline Bergström
Owner, Director of Sales

A Confluence of Wine, Heritage, & Expertise

Caroline brings a unique blend of heritage, expertise, and passion to our family-owned winery. Hailing from Beaune, the heart of Burgundy, France, Caroline's journey into the world of wine is as rich and vibrant as the grapes that grace our vineyards.

Rooted in Burgundy

Caroline’s connection to the vine runs deep. Born in Beaune, she was raised amidst Burgundy’s storied vineyards. She began working in the
famed Hospice de Beaune and from there her love grew. After working several harvests, Caroline’s path led her to Lycée Viticole, where she embarked on a journey of discovery. There, she delved into the intricacies of wine and spirits marketing, honing her skills and deepening her understanding of the industry. Fate brought her to Josh Bergström during their time at school, setting the stage for a partnership that would shape their shared future.

From Burgundy to the Willamette Valley

In 1999, Caroline and Josh returned to Oregon, marking a significant milestone in their journey together. In the lush landscapes of the Willamette Valley, they began crafting their very first vintage.

A Multifaceted Artisan

Beyond her role in the winery, Caroline’s talents extend to various realms. She is a beekeeper and honey maker, a tisane craftsman, and a skilled artisan when it comes to making jams and jellies. These talents reflect her deep connection to the land and a commitment to preserving its bounty.

A Life and Legacy Shared

Caroline’s journey has been one of dedication, a testament to the transformative power of heritage, education, and passion. Her commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation defines the spirit of Bergström Wines. With each bottle, she shares not just wine, but a story that resonates with wine lovers around the world.

Sharing our Vision with the World

Caroline co-manages Bergström Wines, leading our efforts to share our wines with the world. Her local, national, and global connections and her innate ability to connect with wine enthusiasts have made her an indispensable leader and ambassador for our brand. Under her guidance, Bergström Wines has expanded its reach internationally, celebrating our wines on global stages.

Josh and Caroline Bergstrom in a kitchen
John and Sigrid

John (17), and his mother, Sigrid, 1950

John and Karen Bergstrom

Karen & John

The Bergstroms at Plaze del Toro

Josh, Caroline, Karen, & John

Josh and Caroline Bergstrom in a kitchen

Caroline & Josh