After a very wet winter and a very hot, dry summer we are experiencing the most typical seasonal fall in Oregon since 1999. We’re trying to push the ripening process to the limit, letting the fruit hang as long as possible on the vines to gain in flavors and balance-and mother nature is cooperating, with cool nights and summer temperatures more true to our marginal climate, which is necessary to bring Pinot Noir to full physiological maturity.

Months of hard work and intensive hand-farming have paid off: our vineyards look great! The ripeness is ahead of schedule compared to the last couple of years in Oregon, but the flavors are tremendous! We are daily walking through these vineyards, carefully monitoring the progress of the fruit and the fall season: Bergström Vineyard, de Lancellotti Vineyard (both estate vineyards), Arcus Vineyard, Shea Vineyard, Stoller Vineyard, Palmer Creek Vineyard, Broadley Estate Vineyard, Hyland Vineyard, Wahle Vineyard, Five Mountains Vineyard, Winter’s Hill Vineyard and Bessler Vineyard.

Cheers to another great year of Oregon Pinot Noir at Bergström Winery!