Rose and Mussels on a fine Southern French.... er... Oregon Day.

Rose and Mussels on a fine Southern French…. er… Oregon Day.

So it has been a while.  How have you all been? Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I have been laying low in the South of France sipping on cold Rose’s and licorice flavored beverages and throwing petanque boules under large sprawling Plantain trees on lazy, hot afternoons.  All while contemplating the meaning of Blog.

Actually it goes a little something more like this.  Right in the middle of the 2012 harvest as I was telling you all about how great things were going and what was coming up next, my pc computer did a belly flop and died.  I thought I had lost all of my images and documents and realized for the first time that I was thoroughly addicted to my computer and technology in general.  I mean I had lost a phone before,  in fact, I have destroyed about 23 phones in the past decade; usually they fall under tractors and get tilled into fresh lovely brown earth or they fall into buckets of cleaning solution or tanks of fermenting grape juice…. but rarely have I lost my computer.  My lovely wife did the reasonable thing any Wonder Woman would do and she rushed out and bought me a new i-pad, and was able to get the Geeky Squad to salvage all of my images and documents onto a little chip the size of a Frito. 15 yeas of life into a bite sized chip.

 So I was back! Or so I thought.  Turns out that my caveman pc-oriented brain did not know how to handle this new found contraption that you had to swipe and shake and be intuitive with.  Turns out children pick up these computers and figure them out very quickly almost as if it were “child’s play.”  My 7 year old was swiping furiously and downloading images of Transformers and Sponge Bob while I watched along wide-eyed.  This computer scared me.

 And so for months and months I have been re-training my brain and building my swiping muscles and callouses getting ready to post a new blog or two.  And during this time I began to think, hey, nobody reads my blog anyways, what am I stressing about?  Other than me proof-reading my blog and my mom calling me to tell me how ever since High School I have been a good writer; I figured that we were the only two people in the world reading this stuff, so I might as well let it go.  The 2013 season was firing up and getting very busy anyways and between walking through vineyards and traveling across America doing wine-club dinners and market work and 2012 blends etc…. Where was the time?


Pre-Memorial Day open House at the winery.

Pre-Memorial Day open House at the winery.

 But then, yesterday at our pre-Memorial Day Wine Club open-house a lady named Minoo, who frequents the winery and restaurants that carry our wines and is a huge supporter of Bergstrom asked me why I was no longer blogging.  Why must she sit in front of her computer screen, sobbing in her coffee,  continually hitting the refresh button only to see the same old blog from October of last year?  Was this some kind of cruel joke? Had I cast out the Bergstrom blog-heads?  Was I on the wagon or something?  

HELL NO!!!  was my response. And so I sped home, warmed up my swiping muscles and unfolded my fancy little A-frame computer pad and started writing. Thanks Minoo for calling me back from the worm-hole of imaginary Southern France and those licorice-perfumed beverages.   Time to get back to work telling some stories.

 So there is much to catch you all up on.  And I look forward to doing so, starting with my next blog which will cover the much anticipated 2012 vintage that everyone has been asking me about…… And hey,  thanks for reading!