Dear Friends of Bergström Wines,

My son just asked me if we could go back to ten days ago. What can you say to that, and in a time when all we want to offer our youth and loved ones is something positive and hopeful? At the end of the day, all we have is each other. Many of us are spending more time at home, keeping busy and focusing on life’s better moments: cooking, eating, drinking, walking dogs, reading, and trying to soak up some of this rare spring sunshine (rare in Oregon anyways.)

I have found myself thinking back to the early days of the winery, to 1996, when my mom and dad purchased their home on Worden Hill Road on the site of an abandoned orchard. With time, effort, and a vision, this magnificent piece of land would transform into the Bergström Vineyard, our family’s anchor and North Star on our journey.

I remember the ensuing years of 1997-1998, when while I was still in college, my mom, my dad, and I would travel on weekends to Oregon State University and the University of California at Davis to take extension classes in Viticulture and Enology. The time that I spent sitting next to my Dad in the car was what truly made me fall in love with the idea of starting this winery. Those countless hours spent on I-5 were our chance to dream about a beautiful future for our family; to imagine what we would build together. I can still hear the excitement in his voice.

There have been moments in my career that have left an indelible mark, such as when the Nobel Laureates honored my father, a Swedish immigrant who came to this country as a 17-year-old in search of the American dream, by inviting him to serve his wine to the King and Queen of Sweden at an embassy gala in Washington D.C.  I probably could have happily retired right then and there. Or the e-mail we received after Hurricane Katrina from club members whose house and all of their belongings had been destroyed, save a bottle of Bergström Wines found amongst the rubble. That bottle’s cork would be popped a year later in celebration of their home being rebuilt.

 In tough times like these, surrounded by my family, my memories, and my team, it all becomes as if it were the brightest of lights. My family tree begins with a struggle. Our family business, grown from nothing but soil, drives persistently forward because of a vision, a passion, a lot of intentionality, good old-fashioned hard work, and with unyielding hope for the future. Together, in this small, but magnificent corner of the world, we work for 1,000 days to bring to life one simple something that can bring a smile to your face. We hope that our craft unites people around a table, creates a true moment of joy, and unleashes conversation and imagination. Most importantly, we hope that our wine and our community brings you comfort.

In the midst of all this, my team, my family, and I are still here, farming and making wine that we cannot wait to serve you. Without our wine club members and long-time clientele, whose faces I can all see right now, all of our passion and effort would be in vain. My very best regards to you, your family, and your friends. Stay safe and I cannot wait to see you all very soon.

Josh Bergström