Dear Friends of Bergström Wines,

1000 days of effort! That is what it takes to make a bottle of Bergström Wines. Every single one of those days is guided by our determination to remain authentic and to be a positive player in our local environment. The choices that we make in our fields and cellars have a direct effect on the health of our employees, our consumers drinking and sharing our wines, and our Earth. The value of these efforts is more clear today than ever before. We believe if our efforts are real and meaningful, the wines we make will be true and transparent.

When you open and share a bottle of wine, a few things I want you to know are:

  • For 20 years, we have nurtured and reinforced our soils and ecosystems with handmade compost instead of chemical fertilizers.
  • We build our compost piles on all five of our estate vineyards and use organic manure from local dairy cows at the Bansen family dairy and organic straw from our good friends, the Boyers. We also incorporate our leftover grape seeds, skins, and stems after fermentation, as well as chipped up vine canes discarded during our pruning months.
  • We do not use herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides.  We are Biodynamic farmers.  Remember that Bio=Life and Cide=Death.  We choose to use life-affirming and building processes.
  • We encourage our vineyard’s ecosystem and microbiome through diversity of cover-crops and by creating habitat for predatory insects, bees and a myriad of different birds.
  • We intensively use botanical, homeopathic teas where others may turn to harsh, synthesized fungicides for the control of molds and mildews which could adversely affect our crop’s quality.
  • We have replaced mechanical, carbon-emitting machinery with human hand work as much as possible.

Most recently, we have introduced live animals into our vineyards! “The Vine Ewes,” shepherded by local farmers, took up residency in our vineyards for a few weeks earlier this year. This flock of sheep lived among the grapevines and grazed on the rich spring cover crops, fertilizing the soils as they grazed. Hosting “The Vine Ewes” quickly became one of our favorite moments in 2020 thus far. 
Take comfort in enjoying wines that are better for you and the planet we all share! 
Our best wishes, 
Josh Bergström
You can check out more photos of the sheep by visiting @thevine_ewes on Instagram.  One of the farmers who shepherds these wonderful animals is also on Instagram as @godspeedhollow. Godspeed Hollow is one of our local CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) where we personally get fresh laid hen eggs and raw cow milk.  They also offer garden vegetables and soon; pork and poultry shares. Sarah and Bubba and their family are hardworking locals, passionate about their land. We enjoy working with them, supporting their efforts on the farm and in the community. The idea of our businesses cross pollinating to increase the fertility and complexity of our local land and region is that much more special.   For more information about Godspeed Hollow, visit their website: